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Nature Indoors | Options

Being an industry leader in quality & innovation; we choose not to follow industry trends at low quality production. Our features are designed & built using the best compounds and materials by experts who know what works with the clients project need in mind.


The foundation of our design philosophy is form and function. Every feature should be beautiful, but it should not come at the expense of its quality or ability to function.


With revolutionary designs, unsurpassed quality, our innovative features result in longer lasting, better functioning systems.


Whether your are looking for a grand focal feature, of serene casual atmosphere, we can ensure its everything you would expect.
Sizing and Specification:   Inserts:
We carry five standard waterwall sizes although we can create a custom size to better suit your needs. 
All standard sizes are 6” in depth (except the tank on the Large Vertical - 10” deep.) 
Weights are approximate values.
- available in a variety of colours. 
- custom hand painted and textured.

- Brushed Stainless 
- Swirled Stainless
- Powder Coated 

(H" X W")
(includes slate)
(includes water)
42" X 26"
120 lbs
160 lbs
44 W
42" X 50"
210 lbs
290 lbs
73 W
48" X 74"
350 lbs
470 lbs
108 W
84" X 40"
350 lbs
470 lbs
117 W
58" X 24"
140 lbs
180 lbs
44 W
Maintenance Items
Oxy Plus:
Kills micro-organisms and 
helps purify water.
Liquid Ionizer: 
Water hardness minerals in their natural state are rough and easily attach to even the smoothest surfaces, and be difficult to remove. Liquid Ionizer quickly and easily lifts these minerals ion by ion and bonds them to water molecules indefinitely, providing a cleaner and easier waterwall to maintain.
Aqua-UV Ultraviolet Sterilizer:
Sterilize water with UV light. These commercial grade sterilizers
will kill any micro-organisms and algea cells, ensuring clean sterilized water.
Ozone Disinfection System:
Ozone is one of the most accepted and effective form of sanitation, as it has residual disinfection and in the absense of impurities, oxygen is the only byproduct.