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Being an industry leader in quality & innovation; we choose not to follow industry
trends at low-quality production. Our features are designed & built using the
best compounds and materials by experts who know what works with
the client's project need in mind.

The foundation of our design philosophy is form and function. Every feature
should be beautiful, but it should not come at the expense of its quality or
ability to function.

With revolutionary designs, unsurpassed quality, our innovative features result in
longer-lasting, better-functioning systems.

Whether you are looking for a grand focal feature or a serene casual atmosphere, we can ensure it's everything you would expect.

We specialize in a variety of specialist services. From designing, consulting installation, and maintenance for fully functional, easy to maintain custom indoor and outdoor water features.

Our client base comprises both residential and commercial portfolios. Due to the specialist nature of our services we find new business opportunities through referrals from our existing satisfied client base. Upon initial consultation, meetings can take place directly with you or your designer/builder to bring your vision to reality. 


Our one-of-a-kind water features can be constructed in residential and commercial settings. They can range from large-scale dugouts, commercial-grade fountains, contemporary/formal  water features, infinity pools, and formal koi ponds


Combining the elements of water and stainless steel creating a dramatic effect with a variety of surfaces. The modern design lends itself towards metal, glass where stone provides a warm natural appearance. Completely change the dynamic of multiple rooms with a 'room glass divider' waterwall. Provides a modern open concept where some division of space is still desired.

We can also solve existing and/or potential issues with commercial-grade filtration systems and automated control systems. This will allow your water feature to fully function as desired and lend itself to be as maintenance-free as possible. 

Assessment of existing Water features that are not functioning as desired can be done with an on-site consultation.
A plan with full cost estimates is drafted to bring the existing water feature in a fully functional operation again.



Custom made Stainless Steel Water table

Custom Made See-through glass room divider waterwall

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